“Decarbonisation of the European Sector” Conference @ Tekiska Museet

Decarbonisation of the heating sector was on top of the agenda and the theme for the conference at the Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, May 26.

The Swedish minister for Energy, Business and Industry Ebba Busch set the scene with the opening presentation, addressing the importance to phase out fossil fuels in the heating sector. Deputy General Manager of DG-Energy, Mechthild Wörsdörfer continued by explaining recent initiatives in the European Commission to reduce the dependence on Russian gas. Heat pumps are seen as one of the most important technologies to decarbonise heating.

Many more high-level speakers and industry experts presented their ideas on the heating sector in general and the opportunities offered by heat pumps. The Swedish experts shared their very long experience of a wide introduction of heat pumps while transforming the heating sector in Sweden. The conference was a great success where a lot of experience and insights were shared between policymakers, researchers and industry experts.

The conference was organised by RISE, the Swedish National Museum of Science & Technology, The Royal Institute of Technology and NIBE.
Please find all recorded presentations at https://www.nibe.eu/en-eu/decarbonisation-of-the-european-heating-sector.