Field Sites of RECOIN for Monitoring and Implementation

Exhaustive monitoring activities in RECOIN minimize the uncertainty in the site description in comparison to standard BHE fields. This will provide accurate data, facilitate realistic model and emulator development. Part of RECOIN is identifying the least information necessary for reliable BHE field control application. This can only be achieved by comparing different information levels. Detailed monitoring at Lausen is needed as reference, while in contrast, monitoring activites of the demonstration sites will be adjusted to site-specific conditions.

Building up on the theoretical and methodological of RECOIN, the project will transfer the project’s developments from the lab to the field scale. This includes a focus on the main validation site for the prototype at Lausen, as well as demonstration of the real-time controller at the Wisdome and Food Campus sites. Therefore, practical device testing and application will be elementary to this WP. The findings are intended to validate the developments of RECOIN in the field.

Detailed Information about RECOIN's Project Locations