Our Project Consortium

Research and Development Partners

PI Electronics AG is a competent and strategic partner for developing niche solutions. Standardized products and software platforms from NI supplemented by own adaptive hardware enable short development times and maximum project benefit.
With agile project processes and many years of know-how as “NI-Allianz Partner since 1995” they accompany customers from concept to complete solutions. Their long-standing employees guarantee continuous support and a high level of knowledge.

Bengt Dahlgren Stockholm Geo AB is a private company offering engineering services related to ground coupled energy systems, with expertise in the Swedish real state and energy utility sector. The SME has personnel with advanced academic studies and large experience in modelling, field work and commercial technical design, daily bridging research with industry though innovative projects.

The BfU Büro für Umweltfragen GmbH has decades of project experience in the processing and handling of environmental, geotechnical and geothermal projects. They develop individual project solutions for building-, soil-, and groundwater contaminations. In addition to technical investigations and renovations, services include all planning and consulting services as well as participation in due diligence reviews.

Geo Explorers AG offers services in geology, groundwater, geothermal energy, geophysics and measurement technology. They develop, plan, dimension and manage projects in all scales, from single geothermal probes, through large geothermal probe fields, medium-depth geothermal boreholes to 5 km boreholes with complex seismic explorations. Further, they developed measuring devices to improve quality of geothermal probes.

The Department of Energy Technology aims at contributing to welfare and development through world class research and education in innovative energy technologies and systems, and promotion of the energy sector transition towards sustainability. They are dedicated to research on heat transfer, heat pumps, renewable energy, and energy savings. Shallow geothermal energy is a focus topic, recognizing it as a key renewable energy source for heating and cooling of buildings. Activities carried out on this topic include theoretical, experimental and field studies.

The Department of Applied Geology at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg is dedicated to research on thermal, hydraulic and mechanical processes within the nexus of geosciences and energy. Key focuses are physical processes in geothermal energy and hydrogeology, mathematical optimization and holistic environmental assessments. Activities on shallow geothermal technologies and subsurface heat transport include theoretical work, laboratory experiments and field applications.

Associated Co-Operation Partners

Artprojekt Real Estate GmbH is part of the Artprojekt Group.
Their construction projects include urban areas with high potential for further development. Vacant properties are utilized to develop ground-up concepts, demolition sites are redeveloped and abandoned facilities used for transformation and rehabilitation. RECOIN benefits from experience in realization and implementation, and from operational experience of BHE fields.

NIBE, a global group, develops and manufactures intelligent, energy-efficient indoor comfort solutions for all types of properties. They supply components and solutions for intelligent heating and control for industry and infrastructure. One of the core products in their portfolio are heat pumps. NIBE has been producing heat pumps since 1981 and provides know-how in this technology and technical heating and cooling systems.

The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) is the authority for issues relating to bedrock, soil and groundwater in Sweden.
SGU has a group which focuses on shallow and deep geothermal energy as well as geological energy storage. Activities include participation in research projects, laboratory measurements and providing relevant geological information and data to society to support the development and use of geo-energy in Sweden.

At Tekniska museet, Wisdome Stockholm is taking shape.
On the outside, a spectacular building that pushes the boundaries of technological possibility. On the inside, world-le­ading technology that takes you further away, further up close and to greater depths than you’ve ever been before.
Complex matters are transformed into breathtaking experiences, making it more fun and easier to understand.